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  • Friends of VidaNet: Support on a monthly basis Vida220 discipleship school, El Nido pregnancy center, or VidaNet dream center
  • Sponsor a room: VidaNet’s dream center has several more rooms that need sponsorship for the next 5 years. See the options here.
  • Bus/van purchase: VidaNet is desperately in need of renewing our fleet of vehicles. We would like to purchase another bus that would cost us $6000 and we would like to ship two Ford vans to Costa Rica filled with donations for El Nido and an ultrasound machine. In order to purchase and pay for shipping each van will cost about $15000.
  • Vida220 scholarships: Currently we are in need of 4 more scholarships for this year’s 19 students. For more information contact us at
  • El Nido clothing donations: The pregnancy center is always in need of donations of children’s clothing and supplies as well as finances to purchase diapers and supplies countryside.
  • Visit: bring a work team to work on our new base or a youth or adult group!

DeLynn Hoover

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Growing up and reaching out!

We serve to raise up disciples and send out missionaries to spread the gospel of Christ through acts of love.