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As time goes on and I continue to work with the ministry of El Nido, God continues to show me His heart for the women. El Nido reaches out to pregnant women especially those in low income areas. They come not just with physical needs, but also emotional and spiritual needs.

The first time Irene came to the center she seemed tense. She was pregnant with her second son. A single mother. The father of the baby, an alcoholic, unable to support his child. Her relationship with him was toxic. She lived with her parents in a small tin house. The father of her first child, lived close by but was not involved in his child’s life.

As I explained to Irene what El Nido represented and its reason for its existence, she seemed to relax. Her shyness disappeared and she started to talk. She talked and talked and talked and talked. As I listened, my heart went out to her. The Lord showed me how lonely she was and how much she needed Him. I felt overwhelmed and asked the Lord where to start. He simply said, “From the beginning.”

Week after week she came for classes on how to care for her baby. She always came on time with her homework done, Bible verse memorized, and her devotional book read.

And week after week I learned more of her story. From a young age, her mother used to sell her to make a living. She took drugs and drank as a young adult. Her father took advantage of her as well. She did go to church on occasion.

As I continued to meet with her I realized she was one of many women who knew about God but didn’t really have a relationship with Him. This is what I yearned for her to experience.

We offer a second class for the women who are interested. It is a discipleship class. Irene took the opportunity to be part of this class. I was privileged to watch her grow and learn and concentrate on God. She started attending church more often. The love for her children grew. It was so encouraging.

But I continued to remember her past. The memories of her past were so horrific. The Lord showed me His desire was for her and many others to receive healing. Irene is presently in an inner healing class. She is becoming aware of her wounds. Recently she shared how she discovered how much she hates herself. She is also discovering how her wounds have affected her view of God. I am confident she will find healing in her life. I expect this to make a huge difference in her as well as for her boys. Praise Jesus!

This is only one story of many women who attend the classes of El Nido. I believe God will continue to use El Nido to bring many women to Him. I count it a privilege to be a part of His work.

Presently, there are two El Nido prenatal centers in Costa Rica. One in Heredia, and one in San Jose.

This month, another center in the country of Guayaquil, Ecuador will be opened. Two blocks from the church is a brand new maternity ward. The church is reaching out to the mothers coming from all parts of the country.

El Nido operates solely by donations. At the present El Nido is in desperate need of financial donations. Monthly, items such as diapers, wipes, shampoo, baby powder etc. need to be purchased. Any amount will be received thankfully.

Another project we are currently working on is bringing an ultra sound machine from Texas. We see it as a need especially for young mothers who have a hard time connecting emotionally with their child. Our mothers are anxiously waiting for this arrival. 

God has worked so mightily over the past three years through the ministry of El Nido to see women discipled. It is exciting! Please consider helping us help more women like Irene find freedom and new life in Christ!

Gloria Hoover

Gloria Hoover serves as founder and National director of a growing network of prenatal centers called "El Nido" under VidaNet's covering

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