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In 2003 the Hoover’s moved their family to Costa Rica and started a discipleship ministry that began as Pura Vida Missions which later morphed into a ministry called VidaNet with Pura Vida Missions as one of its programs. Over the years we have had over 6500 people join us in Costa Rica as participants in our different programs. It has been exciting to see what God has done in the lives of those who have participated with VidaNet’s programs.

One of our dreams for VidaNet has been a permanent base of operations in Costa Rica. Over the last ten years we have looked at many properties and because of cost and fundraising capacity we have not been able to purchase property. However, in the last several months, with the help of some men and women who have championed the cause, God led us to a perfect property and has provided us with the means to purchase. God has been so good in the acquisition and financing of this property. We will be closing on this property in the next several weeks! Please read more about the dream property on our website.

Many exciting things are happening with VidaNet at this moment. Here are a few:

  • At the beginning of December, VidaNet welcomed a new family onto our staff. Daryl and Jen Hoover and their 4 sons have joined our staff. We are excited about having them on board! Daryl will serve as ministry manager and will help us maintain the ministry organized and functioning well. Jen will be involved with the El Nido project as well as homeschooling her four sons.
  • VidaNet is expanding its area of ministry. We have made new connections with the Mennonite church conferences in Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. These churches have invited us to do discipleship training within their midst. We will be moving out to serve these areas of the body with all of our current programs. Our nineteen current Vida220 students are from 6 different countries. We have also made some new connections with the Mennonite church in Ecuador and a new El Nido will be opened there soon. See the El Nido report for more information.
  • Our partner in this expansion with whom we are becoming more connected is EMM. Longtime VidaNet board member and EMM pioneering coach, Steve Shank, has been very instrumental in seeing the vision of discipleship programs in Central America become reality.

In November, the VidaNet board, decided to launch a fundraising effort called Friends of VidaNet. This campaign is aimed at finding people who believe in the programs and vision of VidaNet that would be willing to support its work monthly.

VidaNet’s yearly income is typically composed of:

  • 60%- income from short term mission teams
  • 30%- Vida220 student’s tuition and support
  • 10%- donations to specific programs

With the growth that VidaNet is experiencing, we are finding a great need for investors to donate to specific programs. Friends of VidaNet seeks to support several projects and programs that are not self-supporting. These projects are:

  • Vida220 discipleship school- The students that come to the Vida220 school are from many different nations and economic levels. They are being trained to be sent back to their countries as faithful church members and leaders, pastors, and missionaries. The investment in their lives is great and is profound. However, they are not able to meet the amount (approximately $5000 per student) that this program costs so we subsidize it with donations. This is a very worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to see the kingdom grow.
  • El Nido prenatal center- This ministry is a network of prenatal centers that ministers to the needs of pregnant women. At VidaNet, we often say, “discipleship happens at the speed of relationship.” El Nido is a ministry started by Gloria Hoover and it is about seeing discipleship happen through relationship with women that are in the pressure and crisis of having a child. It is phenomenal to see the change and discipleship that happens in these church-based centers that are about meeting both physical and spiritual needs.
  • VidaNet Dream Center- The new base of operations that VidaNet has been dreaming about for so many years is finally becoming a reality. Consider investing in this very necessary building block of the kingdom.

Also a small portion of the donations to VidaNet go to the VidaNet executive director, For personal support. It has been difficult for the Hoover family to raise support for their family and the ministry at the same time.

We would like to ask you to consider going to the Friends of VidaNet page and signing up for a monthly donation! Any amount is helpful! Our goal is $10,000 a month committed! Help us reach our goal! (You may choose a specific project or it will be distributed equally to the different projects)

DeLynn Hoover

Growing up and reaching out!

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