Vida220 is a program that challenges young adults to experience growth as disciples of Jesus as well as servanthood in the church and beyond. Through intense training, practical ministry experiences and leadership opportunities a lasting imprint will remain on the student who dares to step out of the status quo toward the radical lifestyle of discipleship. This is a 10-month international discipleship school that should be experienced by all who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ.

Vida 220 Changing Lives

Community living
Students live in a community setting for 10 months. The atmosphere created by community living is one the Holy Spirit can use to create the pressure that leads to growth in the lives of individuals and communities.
Work within a local church
Each Vida220 team spends an allotted amount of time working with a local church. This practical experience serves as a laboratory for discovering gifts and a chance to live out the principles taught in discipleship training.
Discipleship training classes
Students participate in formal classes taught by international teachers on multiple topics through the duration of the training school. Teachers are chosen for their passion and ability in their given field.
The cultivation of an intentional greenhouse-like environment helps students grow deeply in a short time period.
Vida220 students are given the opportunity to move out of their comfort zones so growth can happen in their lives. The challenges presented are formidable, are of longer duration and propels the individual toward change.
Due to the tight knit nature of the Vida220 community, accountability naturally happens among students who are headed in the same direction of discipleship.
Spiritual disciplines in schedule and action are essential to the change that occurs in the lives of students.

Vida220 Directors

Manuel & Liz

This fun loving couple is passionate about seeing lives changed through Vida220. Liz (from Ohio) and Manuel (from Upala, Costa Rica) have both experienced profound transformations through this program, first as students, then as leaders.

Growing up and reaching out!

We serve to raise up disciples and send out missionaries to spread the gospel of Christ through acts of love.